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- Barrel or Barrel Bag Bag: Named because of its barrel-like shape; usually it takes a zipper top and handles of medium length; which allow you to be laterally over his shoulder, leaving up to the bust or just below it. This type of bag is ideal for slender figures and structured (ie without much rather sinuous or straight) and that will help you look curvier and bring volume to your torso; and therefore, a rounded body, abundant bust or torso with robust volume could be whether this effect is emphasized.

- Shoulder bag: This bag takes long handle hanging by a strip of fabric in a diagonal line on the torso transversely (across from passing over one shoulder and chest to the opposite hip). It is named for being the ideal piece for long walks and a somewhat nomadic life. It is ideal for figures that are not too robust, as they provide a front and side volume.

- Clutch: This iconic bag, also known in Spanish as "bag on" has its origin in the nineteenth century and it is said, was used by women to carry their ointments, salts and other necessities; It was widely used in the decades of the 40's and 60's and is characterized by small size and for being a bag of "grab" because it has no handles and you must take it by the body; as their lack of handles can be hung prevents shoulder; in fact, its name in English means just this verb emphasizing their way to carry it. The Clutch bag or envelope can be carried by hand or in your case, below the armpit; although the first option will always be smarter. This type of bag is ideal for all body types and is the ultimate elegant bag; so although it is not practical for day to day it is ideal for a night out or for gala events.

- Drawstring bag or purse seines: Characterized by its lock drawstring at the top; It may be short strap for carrying in hand, long strap for carrying or laterally, double handle style backpack to carry on the back. It is a handy bag, because due to its breadth and flexibility, you can take it a large number of articles. If your figure is plump or too curvy, watch this bag not go too loaded or settle on your hips, because it will make you look several extra pounds.

- Flap bag: This iconic bag that is now all dressers, is an icon enshrined in the Chanel house from the beginning of its founder Gabrielle Chanel and is characterized by its shape or flattened flap style box; usually wear long style shoulder bag straps, but is more elegant than this because their handles are commonly combination of link chain with leather straps. Your lock knob usually is ideal for all body types, as it is not too bulky. If you are rather robust, reminds her to the shoulder, lateral position without sticking to hip, to prevent more volume you supply; however, if your figure is extremely thin or slender, take transversely give you a more feminine silhouette.

- Frame: This bag is named because of the type of lock that has, evoking the Old purse all our grandmothers, so characteristic of the decade of the 30's and 40's. Yes, I mean just to those handbags that were closed by the juxtaposition of two small metal spheres attached to a horizontal metal frame that spans the mouth of the bag. Such bags usually done with short handles; and although it is a very chic and timeless model, its use is not as convenient as other types of bag, since the type of lock decline in the number of items you can carry it. If you are short, small size choose them not to subtract your slender figure.

- Hobo: wide bag handles and medium length, made of the same material as the bag; this type of bag is worn slung over his shoulder and is usually quite robust body, making it ideal for transporting a large number of items; however, you should note that because being placed laterally up to your torso, the larger the volume is higher will bring you; so if you are plump or your bust is large, you should avoid this type of bags is too bulky.

- Tote: maxibolso par excellence and therefore is considered a parallel universe, because in it you can carry a large number of articles. It is characterized by its simple but comprehensive framework for their middle-length handles that allow you to hang the shoulder and take it laterally, making it not only practical but also very comfortable. Do not forget that if you are short this type of bag is contraindicated for your figure as you subtract height and could even look older than you; however if you're tall it is right for you.

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